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Advantages of RS+

Bioactivity and Biocompatibility

Bioactive amorphous component in the RS+ is produced by technology developed by GenTech. This amorphous component gives the product an ability to release Ca+ ion that help in formation of hydroxyapatite, a mineral component of teeth.

High purity

All components are synthesized from high purity Ph.Eur chemicals.

Improved handling

The RS+ manufacturing technology consist of high-energy milling that gives finely graded end product, easier for handling.

Addition of specially-shaped clay particles gives the product improved flowability that also directly affects the ease of handling. 

Wide window of suitable powder-to-solution ratio

The specially-shaped clay is hygroscopic electrostatically charged particles enabling wider powder-to-solution ratio making it suitable for various clinical indications and personal preference.

Fast setting

The high affinity towards Ca2+ release of Bioactive amorphous component together with synthetic high-surface area calcium tri-silicate component with improved reactivity result in fast setting of the RS+ when mixed with saline solution that takes no longer than 35-40 minutes depending on the solvent-RS+ ratio.

Antibacterial properties

It is the chemistry of ion released from the RS+ components that changes the pH on the product surface and thus prevents bacteria to grow. 2 weeks after the application the pH sets back to physiological value allowing cells to recognize and attach to the surface.

No staining

By careful selection of high purity components and metal free chemicals staining of teeth usually encountered when using MTA-related materials is prevented.

Facile retreatment

In the case when for various reason retreatment is needed. Thanks to specially-shaped clay particles added to the RS+ formulation the filling (restoration) after setting will behave chalky under high mechanical forces applied by drilling or ultrasonification.