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RS+ Purpose

RS+TM is a root sealer intended to fill the root canal system permanently. It may be used in combination with other root canal obturation materials, such as Gutta-Percha for example.

RS+TM is indicated for use extend to:

  • root end filling
  • repair of root canals as an apical plug during apexification
  • for repair of root resorptions and perforations
  • pulp capping
  • pulpotomies
  • for sealing and obturation of root canals

RS+TM complies with the requirements of ISO 6876:2012 criteria for dental root canal filling materials:

  • Working time at room temperature: 6 minutes for attaining dense mixture, can be prolonged to 10 minutes when adding more saline solution.
  • Setting time at 37 °C: ⁓40 minutes.
  • Film thickness: ⁓27 μm.
  • Solubility: 1.4 %.
  • Radiopacity: ≥ 3 mm Al.